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Reading Makes Lifa A Lot Easier

ELA Department

English1 (9th)
This two-semester course will provide opportunities to develop and improve writhing and reading skills.Emphasis is placed on the development and usage of grammatical and research skills and vocabulary usage.An appropriate variety of genres will studied.

Pre-Advanced Placement English1 (9th)
This course is designed for the highly motivated student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in language arts and reading and is able to express himself correctly. Emphasis is placed on the development of grammatical skills,vocabulary usage, and the analysis of literary genres.Through the use of technology ,the student will create and present projects and do necessary research for the writing of persuasive essays and a research paper.Although this will prepare the student for entry into Pre-AP English2 in the tenth grade, it is not a prerequisite nor does enrollment in this course guarantee or require enrollment in the higher level AP English classes.

English2 (10th)
This two-semester course will provide opportunities to develop and improve writing and reading skills.Emphasis is placed on the development and usage of grammatical and library research skills and vocabulary usage.Emphasis is placed on TAKS preparation.An appropriate variety of literary genres will be studied.

Pre-Avanced Placement English2 (10th)

This course is for the tenth grade student who has demonstrated outstanding ability in reading and language arts skills and who is highly motivated to achieve in the areas of writing and literature.Emphasis is placed on critical thinking skills and both expository and persuasive writhing.This course focuses not only on the correct us of grammar, but also on advanced reading skills that enhance comprehension and vocabulary development.the student will use new trends in technology to research and compile reports and projects for class presentations.


All 11th grade English classes will consist of two semesters of grammar usage, vocabulary development, and American literature.This composition study will center on the on-going development of the multi-paragraph essay and the research paper.the literature.the literature survey will cover the major authors, periods, forms and works, in American literature.Advanced reading skills will continue to be developed.

Avanced Placement English 3
Advanced Placement English3 is the composition and Rhetoric part of the English Advanced Placement Exam.This course is challenging and designed for serious and/or gifted college bound students.It allows the college bound student to test out of the standard first semester college freshman English Rhetoric class.This allows the student the chance to get high school and college credit for the same class.The course emphasis is on composition and non-fiction literature,but a general survey of American Literature will be included.Research documentation (AP) is required. The College Board Exam is not mandatory,but does require a fee if optioned. Four novels are studied and background information is provided to help the students master the literary content. The students will also master basic forms of analysis. Students are also asked to express themselves through creative writing.Mastery of basic grammar and mechanics is required prior to entrance to the course. The students are guided through preparatory studies for the SAT,ACT and TASP. Students will aslo prepare a video documentary as part of this course.

The student in this course will review grammar and usage and will also work on advanced composition (including a research paper) and language skills in preparation for college. Literature units will cover the major authors, periods, forms and works in British Literature. The students will continue to refine advanced reading skills.

Advanced Placement English4
Advanced Placement English4 is a challenging course designed to allow the college bound student to test out of the standard second semester of college freshman English class. This allows the student the chance to get high school and college credit for the same class. The course emphasis is on literary analysis, and general survey of English literature will be included. Research documentation (AP) is required. The
College Board Exam is not mandatory. In this course the teacher acts as a facilitator who offers students inpidual study guides, background information and suggestions for studying the required British Literature that is covered in this course. Lectures are given only when necessary. The students work independent of the instructor for much of the course. Emphasis is placed on advanced level writing, which meets the recommended criteria for freshman college English. Besides the textbook reading, which covers British literature from 499 A.D. to the present, the student in this course is required to read an additoinal six novels.

English for Speakers of Other Languages(ESOL)
Prerequisite:Placement or Parental Request
This course is designed to provide opportunities for students with limited English comprehension to develop all avenues of communication competencies in the English language.

Communication Applications (Speech)
Prerequisite:Grades 10-12
This course is a study of nonverbal communication, from one-to-one speaking and listening situations to small group communication. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in public speaking, oral interpretation, and debate as well as be exposed to theatre. Teacher guidance and direction are provided but students must possess the self-discipline necessary to successfully accomplish the objectives of the class.

Credit:1/2 to 1
This is an introductory course in writing, editing, photography, designing, and composing. A computer is used. The history of American media and the responsibilities of the media are included.

Advanced Journalism-Yearbook 1, 2 & 3
Credit:1/2 to 3
Prerequisite:Grades 10-12 Instructor's Approval

Students in these three courses are combined. Students with previous journalism training may enroll. It concentrates on advanced writing, editing, and production techniques. Photography is included, and a computer is used. The students usually serve as editors or have other managerial staff positions.

Sure Score

This is to prepare for math sections of the SAT and ACT. The objectives of the class will be implemented based on inpidual student needs and will reflect the SAT and ACT ELA objectives. Seniors can register in the fall and juniors can register in the spring.


ENGL 1301 Composition1 (3-0-3)
Principles and techniques of written, expository, and persuasive composition; analysis of literary, expository, and persuasive texts; and critical thinking. Prerequisite: Grade of C or better in ENGL1301. Source:tstc.edu