Fine Arts

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Class Descriptions

Band I-IV/Mariachi Band I-IV
Credit: 1 to 4
Prerequisite: Director's approval and audition
Students will be placed in a performing ensemble based on developed skills, ability and the instrumental needs of the various ensembles. Participation in performances and practices both during school hours and after school hours is required as part of the grade for the class. Students enrolling in any band class are hereby advised that failure grade. Credit for physical education is granted only if the student actively participates in marching activities. Failure to participate in marching activities may result in noncompliance toward the P.E. credits required for graduation.

Music History and Literature
Credit: 1/2 to 1
Music History and Literature is a course for students with little or no musical background. Included in the course is basic music theory and composition, an overview of music history, instruments and how the produce sound, and music as entertainment through the ages. Listening to different styles and musical settings is an integral part of the course. The course is designed as a forerunner to a college level music appreciation course.

Art I
Credit: 1/2 to 1
Students in this course will develop an awareness and sensitivity to natural and man-made environments. they will apply inventive and imaginative expression through art material and tools while seeking an understanding and appreciation of self and others through art cultural and heritage. (Requiered)

Art II Drawing/Painting
Credit: 1/2 to 1
Prerequisite: Art 1
This course provides students with two and three-dimensional design experiences and opportunities to apply these principles in inpidual artistic expressions. Drawing from observation and developing technical competency are emphasized. Periodic class critiques and the maintenance of a sketchbook and portfolio are required. Topics covered include but are not limited to portraiture, 2D Design, mixed media, and painting.

Credit: 1/2 to 1
Prerequisite: Art 1 & Art II
In this course you will become proficient in a variety of media by creating artworks that are about personal and artistic concepts of interest to you. In this process you will become more visually articulate, more verbally articulate and more proficient at writing about artistic issues. By the end of the year you will have a portfolio of a variety of works that could be used for an A.P. Studio Exam, a college admissions portfolio.

Ap Art: Two-Dimensional Design
Credit: 1/2 to 1
Prerequisite: successful completion of Art 1 & Art II
Pre-Ap 2D Design is an advanced are course. A strong emphasis will be placed on in-depth study of advanced drawing skills in a variety of media. Students will gain experience in drawing, painting, two-dimensional design, and graphic design. Art history will be incorporated with most projects to give students a base of aesthetic knowledge on which to create their own art work. Students will develop a working portfolio. In addition, they will be participating in subject related reading and writing activities outside of the regular classroom work.

Department Head

David Cardona
Teachers of the Fine Arts Department:


David Cardona

Jaime Flores 

Raul Garate

Juan Ramirez

Arturo Hinojosa

Generoso Lopez

Ada Brandt


Nereida Garcia

Gloria Hernandez




Mrs. Garcia (Art club)
Art I
Art II
Art III (Art Club)

Mrs. Henandez (Art teacher)
Art I
Art II